Guy Vardi, CEO

Guy Vardi, CEO

Guy is a thought leader and seasoned consultant, with 15+ years of personal experience leading insight-driven investors.

Having worked with executives across the real estate industry to deploy sophisticated methods to boosting their properties’ financial performance, Guy offers an original perspective to his clients, based on his unique experience.    

As a consultant, Guy helps define a compelling vision for the Biophilic transformation of a property, and then leads the resulting change journey. He leads the knowledge development agenda for team Rooted Spaces, shaping our efforts to develop cutting-edge approach to supporting our clients’ vision for a better performing portfolio.

Guy closely tracks innovations at the intersection of brokerage, architecture, design, horticulture & behavioral decision making, constantly adding to the list of solutions our clients enjoy and benefit from.

Before Founding Rooted Spaces in 2017, Guy worked as a commercial real estate broker, focused on ground up development sites in the Tri-State area.