Green Buildings that Grow Profits!

We connect our projects with nature to create vibrant healthy spaces. We ensure that building owners, developers, and managers profit from higher quality buildings with lower operating costs

Why Not Bring Some Nature Into Your Bricks?

Mission & Specialty

Rooted Spaces is a property consultancy firm specializing in design, architecture, and building with biophilic integration.

Through a collaborative building and design process, we strive to connect our projects with nature to create vibrant healthy spaces. Our biophilic approach ensures that building owners, developers, and managers enjoy higher quality buildings and lower operating costs, helping them yield higher rates of return.

We help developers, owners and property managers create and transform spaces and environments for apartments, offices, hotels, retail centers, education and healthcare facilities.

Our Background

Rooted Spaces was created out of the founders’ shared sense of environmental responsibility with the purpose of leading the industry in a development model that could only be achieved through the implementation of biophilic design. Since 2000, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has driven sustainability in the building and construction industry. Alone, the certification does not strive to align with natural processes to support human health and well-being. By combining sustainability with biophilia, Rooted Spaces implements a collaborative building and design process that exceeds client goals, surpasses projections, and improves the health and wellness of everyone who utilizes the building.

Team Members & Partners

Our Services

We provide real estate investment consulting services along with building, architecture and design services to help our clients develop a sustainable building model with a focus on connecting occupants to the natural world. From concept to construction, Rooted Spaces is part of the entire process, ensuring the highest quality building and improvement projects that support the vision of the client as well as the environment.

Our combined years of experience in real estate, development, underwriting, building and biophilic design will guarantee a revolutionary approach for better-performing portfolios.

Rooted Spaces will align building and design projects with biophilic design, or natural processes that support human health and well-being. Through our collaborative processes, we will identify client and community goals and aspirations, and work to develop an implementation plan that delivers the highest rate of return possible.

Team Rooted Spaces is thrilled to announce our most recent partnership with BetterAir:


You probably have heard of probiotics and all of their benefits in passing. But did you know that probiotics can now help clean the air and hard surfaces all around you? BetterAir is the first probiotic air and surface purifier. Our carefully designed and patented technology releases environmental probiotics, also known as good bacteria, into your living and/or work space. The good bacteria released by BetterAir continuously consumes bad bacteria like the pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander that collect throughout our enviroment. We offer several systems, designed for both large and small spaces. Installation is easy and complete by one of our professional installers. You spend so much time indoors - why not improve your indoor air quality?

What We Do

Collaboration is weaved into every urban project with Rooted Spaces. Whether working toward boosting property financial performance through design transformation, Wellness Certification, or LEED certification, Rooted Spaces projects are built upon a foundation of integrity, competence, and experience with a strong focus on innovative biophilic design. 

Please check out Christen & Guy's interview on Rock It Green Radio with host Richard Solomon where they explain in more detail the company's scope of services; 

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Project Specialties

Seeking inspiration from natural environments and “bringing nature back into the bricks,” Rooted Spaces specializes in services including but not limited to:

Property Consultancy

Design & Architecture Services

Urban Farming & Agritecture

Living Walls

Air Filtration Systems

Wall Murals

Green Roofs

Health & Wellness

Biophilic Design

With a long-term focus on financial growth, every project is brought to life with Rooted Spaces core principles of biophilic design. From education centers to high-density housing and community planning, our experienced team helps building managers, owners and developers tap into nature through design and environmental mindfulness.

Rooted Spaces creates apartment buildings where people are healthier and happier, offices where employees exceed productivity expectations, hotels with outstanding guest experiences, schools with higher-than-average child well-being and medical facilities where patient care is unparalleled. 

The biophilic approach delivers health and well-being that translates into long-term financial benefits for all of our clients.


Biophilia is defined by its founder as humans’ innate tendency to focus on living things, as opposed to the focus on inanimate objects.

Edward Wilson, known as the father of biophilia, is an American biologist who introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his 1984 book, "Biophilia."

In 2016, The World Green Building Council released a report, "Building the Business Case: Health, Well being and Productivity in Green Offices," as part of their Better Places for People campaign. The report shows the global momentum behind green buildings and marks a significant milestone in recognizing biophilic design by scientific and design communities.

The report caught the attention of employers, building owners, designers, developers and investors throughout the world. If office and building design affect the health and well-being of occupants, then devoting time, effort and energy toward implementing biophilic design is a smart business decision, especially with the productivity gains cited in the report.

While biophilic design has often been regarded as a luxury for high-end property owners, advancements in green building products and services has made it easier to incorporate into average projects. Rooted Spaces helps companies and investors include nature in every project, giving them a sound long-term economic investment in health and productivity.

The U.S. Green Building Council now offers a C.E. course on The Economics of Biophilic Design. The course covers the economic argument in favor of biophilic design using case studies from five sectors: workplaces, healthcare, education, retail and built communities.

In 2009, the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health released a report titled "Biophilia: Does Visual Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being?" It concluded that an environment devoid of nature may act as a “discord,” i.e., have a negative effect.

What's more, according to a report published in Architecture Now, research has identified that visible connections to nature can have a positive effect on an individual's stress levels, while urban landscapes can have a negative effect. The findings show that workers in office environments with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight, report a 15 percent higher level of well-being, are 6 percent more productive and are 15 percent more creative. As urban environments continue to grow, it's imperative that buildings in our cities don't degrade or alienate the natural environment.

Keeping these findings in mind, Rooted Spaces aligns building projects with biophilic design, or those natural processes that support human health and well-being. Through our collaborative processes, we identify the client and community goals and aspirations, and work to develop an implementation plan that delivers higher rates of return than traditional building and design practices.